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Northwoods Pocket Field Guides

Each of the tags, measuring just 1 x 4, are bound together on a ball chain and fan out easily for quick comparison. Leave the bulky books at home, and order the most convenient, lightweight, durable and compact field guide available today! Guides are $9.00 each and single guides ship for $1.50 postage and handling. If you get 4 or add items from other parts of the website the $5.00 s & h for any number of items to the same address would apply.
Mammal Tracks Field Guide
The side of each mammal footprint tag is equipped with a ruler to aid in identifying the size of the track an important step in determining the difference between some animals, such as a fox and a coyote. Interesting facts about where the animals live, what they eat, and how big they grow are found on the reverse side of each tag.
Mammal Scat Field Guide
Most times on the trail the only evidence you'll find of animals that inhabit the area are scat signs. Scat are the droppings that animals leave behind and contain a wealth of information on the animals diet, habitat and identification. Size, color, contents and shape are all characteristics to identify an animals scat. The North Woods Scat Guide provides you with a convenient, lightweight, weatherproof field guide to identify over 25 of the most common animals that call North America's forests home.
Freshwater Fish Field Guide
The North Woods Fish Guide is loaded with all the common fish swimming in our streams, lakes and rivers across North America. You will find beautiful graphics of Rainbow Trout, Brook, Brown and Lakers, Large and Smallmouth Bass, Pike, Pickerel, Sunnies, Perch and many more. Next time your camping, canoeing, or hiking and see a fish that you aren't sure if it's a Bluegill or Crappie take out your North Woods Fish Guide and know for certain!! This is the perfect gift for any up and coming fisherman. Lightweight, weatherproof and fun to use Fisherman of any age will find a wealth of information with the North Woods Fish Guide. No ruler along the edge here because we all know fishermen can't measure!
Fly Fishing Field Guide
This guide was designed to educate the novice as well as experienced fly fisher in identifying the aquatic life of our ponds and streams that they try to mimic. Our guide features seventeen of the most common fly patterns and the aquatic insects they represent printed in full color. The reverse of each tag contains information on the freshwater insects life cycle, habitat and hatches. With the North Woods Fly fishing Guide you will learn differences between a Mayfly adult and Mayfly Dun. Where a stonefly completes it's emergence from a nymph to an adult. What the differences are between a Damselfly and Dragonfly. What Caddisfly pattern matches a Caddisfly Pupa and much more! Fly fishing is a complex sport combining the art of the tied fly to the natural progression of an insects life cycle.
Garden Insects Field Guide
The North Woods Garden Insect Guide features 17 of the most common garden pests that thrive on the hard work you put into your vegetables each year. Wouldn't you like to be able to identify them and learn environmentally friendly ways to discourage and eradicate them from your plantings?? Our garden insect guide will give you some home remedies for deterring certain insects, the easiest way to find Hornworms on your tomato plants, which plants are good for mixing in with your vegetables to ward of nasty pests and more. This is the perfect gift for the gardener in your life Were sure they will thank you with tons of produce!!
Wildflower Field Guide
You enter a small glade in the forest. Wildflowers are in bloom everywhere. You are in awe at the natural beauty that surrounds you. Do you wish you knew what wildflowers you are looking at? The North Woods Wildflower Identification Guide is filled with 72 different wildflowers growing in North America today. Each of the 18 tags, measuring just 1 x 4, are bound together on a ball chain that fans out easily for quick comparison. Two beautifully printed flowers are on each side of the tag. White flowers are grouped on the front side of the tags, colored flowers are grouped on the reverse. This convenient and simple design eliminates flipping through page after page of a traditional guidebook by grouping flowers by color rather than by species.
Tree Field Guide
You enjoy the wonderful fall colors as you walk or drive through the countryside. You recognize what you think is a maple. But what kind of maple is it a red maple, sugar maple, or striped maple? North Woods Tree Identification Guide features 36 different trees found in North America. One of the easiest ways to identify a tree is by its leaf or needle. Just scan the colored tags and match it to the leaf or needle you are looking at. The reverse of each tag includes additional information to help you identify tree species through its bark, needle count, cones or fruits, in addition to other interesting facts.

First Aid Field Guide
A concise information packet that will help you deal with situations that arise while you are the first line of defense to repair or protect yourself and your companions.

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