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Hands-on-Science Books

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Activity Books

Play Lightly on the Earth

Journey to the Heart of Nature

Sharing Nature With Children I

Sharing Nature With Children II

The Natural Classroom

That's Weird

The Passionate Fact

From Butterflies to Thunderbolts

Monarch Journal
$7.95p $9.95pTG

Creepy Crawlies and the Scientific Method

Bagging Big Bugs

Do Bees Sneeze?

Talking to Fireflies, Shrinking the Moon

Classroom Critters and the Scientific Method

Natural History Story Books

Keepers of the Animals
$19.95p $9.95TG

Keepers of the Earth
$19.95p $9.95TG

Keepers of Life
$19.95p $9.95TG

Keepers of the Night
Teacher's and Parents's Guides

A Drop Around the World TG

Nature's Food Chains TG

Lifetimes TG

A Walk in the Rain Forest TG

A Fly in the Sky TG

A Swim in the Ocean TG


John Muir: My Life of Adventure
$9.95 Cassette $16.95 CD

Girls Who Looked Under Rocks

Eco Women Protectors of the Earth

There are more Hands on Science Books on the Gardening with Kids Page

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