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Mammal Books

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General Mammal Information Books

Golden Guide - Mammals
$19.95 hardback - book

Animal Tracker - Field Notebook
$6.95 paperback book

Scat and Tracks
$9.95 paperback book

$15.95 hardback book

Bat Books

Beginners Guide to Bats
$8.95 paperback book

$3.99 paperback book

Golden Guide - Bats
$6.95 paperback - book

Canines - Dog and Wolf Books

Face to Face - Wolves
$3.50 paperback - book

Dogs and Wild Dogs
$5.95 paperback book

Felines - Cat Books

The Big Cats
$8.00 hardback book

Tiger Tales
$12.95 hardback book

$6.95 paperback book

Big Cats
$17.95 hardback book

Endangered Florida Panther
$14.95 hardback book
Hoofed Animal Books

Thunder on the Plains
$15.95 hardback book

Quarter Horse
$5.95 paperback book

Arabian Horse
$5.95 paperback book

Thoroughbred Horse
$5.95 paperback book

Horses Have Foals
$6.95 hardback book

Aquatic Mammal Books

Animal Lives - The Otter
$9.95 hardback book

Golden Guide - Whales, Dolphins
$6.95 paperback book
Primate Books

The Aye Ay And I
$22.95 hardback book

KoKo Love
$14.99 paperback book

Small Mammals Books

Animal Lives - The Rabbit
$9.95 hardback - book

$8.00 hardback book

Mice Are Amazing
$9.95 hardback book

$8.00 hardback - book

Racoons and Ripe Corn
$6.95 paperback book

Mammal Activity Books

There are many more books about mammals on the animal behaviour book page and the habitat book pages.
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