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Insect Books

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These books are about all types of insects. For Books about specific insect orders go to the link at the top of the page.
General Insect Books

Find it Quick Insects
$6.99 paperback book

$5.95 paperback book

Face to Face Insects
$3.50 paperback book

Bugs for Lunch
$15.95 hardback $6.95 paperback book

Alien Empire
$25.00 hardback book

Creepy Crawlies
$6.95 paperback book

How Do Flies Walk Upside Down?
$5.95 paperback book

3 D Bees and Micro Fleas
$9.99 paperback book

What's That Bug?
$16.95 hardback book

Creepy and Crawly Sticker Book
$6.95 paperback book

Wings, Stings and Wriggly Things
$11.99 hardback book

I Can Read About Insects
$4.95 paperback book

Some Bugs Glow in the Dark
$8.95 hardback book

Exploring the World of Insects
$9.95 paperback book

Secret Worlds Bugs
$7.95 paperback book

Insects & Spiders
$7.95 paperback book

Eyewitness Books - Insect
$19.00 hardback book

Bug Dictionary
$9.95 paperback book

Best Book of Bugs
$12.95 hardback book

Insect Identification and Field Guide Books

First Field Guide: Insects
$8.95 paperback book

Caddis Fly Handbook
$19.95 hardback book

Secret Worlds Bugs
$7.95 paperback book
Insect Profiles

The Big Bug Book
$6.95 paperback book

$6.95 paperback book

Broadsides from the Other Orders
$21.00 hardback book

Stinkbugs, Stick Insects & Stag Beetles
$12.95 paperback book

The Icky Bug Alphabet Book
$15.95 hardback $6.95 paperback book

Insect Hands-on Science Activity Books

Creepy Crawlies and the Scientific Method
$18.95 paperback book

Let's look at Bugs
$17.95 paperback book

Insect Story Books - Fiction

Giants of the Insect World
$9.95 hardback book

ZZzng ZZzng ZZzing A Yoruba Tale
$12.95 library bound hardback book

Helpin' Bugs
$6.95 paperback book

       Books are new and the price marked is publishers's list. As I take books to many scientific meetings they experience some wear and the last one of a title may be a bit shopworn. I will send the best copy available and make price allowance for damages. I will inform you of the condition before I send a book.
       I have many other insect and spider books with a link at the top of the page. There are also insect and spider t-shirts, neckties, hats, bags, magnets and pens with links below.

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