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Dinosaurs and other Prehistoric Animals Books

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Animal Evolution and Geological Timeline Books

Animal Origins and Evolution
$9.00 hardback book

$17.95 hardback book

Dinosaur Tree
$5.99 paperback book

General Dinosaur Books

Picturepedia Dinosaur
$12.95 hardback book

Children's Guide to Dinosaurs
$19.95 hardback book

Natural History Museum Dinosaurs
$14.95 hardback book

$14.00 hardback book

Eyewitness Dinosaur
$19.95 hardback book

The News About Dinosaurs
$6.95 hardback book

New Dinosaurs
$24.95 paperback book

See & Explore
Dinosaurs and How They Lived

$7.95 paperback $12.95 hardback book

A Guide to Dinosaurs
$19.95 paperback book

The Dinosaur Atlas
$26.95 hardback book

Did Dinosaurs Live In Your Backyard?
$5.95 paperback book

Larousse Dinosaurios
$10.95 paperback

Single Dinosaur Species Books

American Museum of Natural History Tyrannosaurus
$7.95 paperback book

Tyrannosaurus The Fierce Dinosaur
$9.00 library bound hardback

Looking At Tyrannosaurus rex
$7.95 hardback book

Compsognathus The Smallest Dinosaur
$9.00 library bound hardback

Ankylosaurus The Armored Dinosaur
$9.00 library bound hardback

Apatosaurus The Deceptive Dinosaur
$9.00 library bound hardback

$9.00 library bound hardback

Looking At Stegasaurus
$7.95 hardback book

$5.95 paperback book

$18.95 hardback book

Raptors The Nastiest Dinosaurs
$5.95 paperback book
Paleo Bird and Mammal Books

The Feathered Dinosaurs of China
$6.95 paperback book

Life After Dinosaurs
$3.95 paperback book

The Puzzle of the Dinosaur-Bird
$12.95 hardback book

Oxford Prehistoric World
$25.00 hardback book

Beyond the Dinosaurs!
$18.00 hardback book

Extinct Land Mammals
$6.95 (used) library hardback book

Walking With Prehistoric Beasts
$29.95 hardback book

Wild and Wooly Mammoth
$6.95 paperback book

Wooly Mammoth
$15.95 hardback book
Dinosaur Explorers and Paleontologists Books

Searching for Velociraptor
$5.95 paperback book

The Am Museum of Natural History
Book of Dinosaurs and Other Ancient Creatures

$25.00 hardback book

$18.95 hardback book

Dinosaur Ghosts The Mystery of Coelophysis
$15.99 hardback book

The Dinosaur Footprints and Roland T. Bird
$5.99 paperback book

The First Dinosaur Eggs and Ray Chapman Anderson
$5.99 paperback book

Iguanadon and Gideon Mantell
$5.99 paperback book

Dinosaur Detectives
$3.95 paperback book

Graveyards of the Dinosaurs
$7.99 paperback book

The Great Unknown
$16.00 hardback book

Bone Detectives
$5.99 paperback book

Dinosaur Activity Books for Hands-on Learning

Drawing Dinosaurs
$6.99 paperback book

100 Dinosaur Questions
$6.95 paperback book

Look and See Dinosaurs
$11.99 hardback book

I Can Draw Dinosaurs
$4.99 paperback book

Dinosaur Books for Younger Readers

Dinosaur Bones
$5.95 paperback book

Incredible Dinosaurs
$4.95 paperback book

Amazing Dinosaur Discoveries
$9.95 pull tab book

$6.95 board book

Dinosaur's Day
$3.95 paperback book
Dinosaur Fiction and Fantasy Books

Deep Time Diaries
$17.95 paperback book

T-Rex Back to the Cretaceous
$19.95 hardback book
While supplies last a free copy of T-Rex Back to the Cretaceous can be added to each order of 4 or more books. Please request this book if you qould like to add it to your order. Remember shipping is free for all book orders.
       Books are new and the price marked is list. As I take books to many scientific meetings they experience some wear and the last one of a title may be a bit shopworn. I will send the best copy available and make price allowance for damages. I will inform you of the condition before I send a book.
       I also have many t-shirts on the Dinosaur and Evolution t-shirt pages. Dinosaur ties, hats, pens and pencil sharpeners (hand carved and handpainted from Balsa Wood) have been gathered on the Dinosaur Gifts page. They can also be found with the other species on the product pages below.

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